Reader: Alberta party looks at the future of the province

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Alberta should be rich in ideas and solutions

Letter from Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor

Dear Editor;

This is what the Alberta Party sees when it looks at the future of Alberta.

• All children receiving a world-class education.
• Health Care that is the envy of the world.
• A thriving, stable economy.
• Seniors aging when they choose

• School closures and high drop-out rates.
• Shortage of family doctors and long wait times.
• A bust and boom economy.
• Seniors separated from their spouses and families as they need better care.

This is the reality of what many Albertans see when they look at Alberta today.

Albertans have said they are confused that the richness of our resources is not enough to solve our problems. We live in a province that has amazing natural resources and one of the strongest economies – why is that not enough?

Throwing more and more money into the system and at programs is not the answer. Unfortunately, it is the only answer that the PC government seems to have. More and
more money is being pumped into education and health care but the results have been less than stellar.

With 39 per cent of the budget being spent on health and wellness in Alberta, we currently have one of the highest per capita spending on health in Canada with the one of the lowest outcomes. Every single hour in Alberta, we spend $1.8 million on maintaining our health care system – Every. Single. Hour.

When will the government see that throwing more money at the problem will not help Albertans realize their dreams for this province? The riches in Alberta should be buying us great ideas and time to work on issues, not used to simply keep doing more of what isn’t working.

At we approach the upcoming election we are seeing the provincial government go on a spending spree. They are giving money to municipalities, the disabled and seniors. They are imposing a one-year funding structure on Alberta doctors that will help the government avoid contract negotiations during the election period. They have doubled
the PR staff in Premier Redford’s office. They are advertising the success of a budget that has not yet passed the legislature.

There is an old adage that says if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. If Albertans are to get the province they dream of,
this is a lesson that needs to be learned. It is time for a change in Alberta, it is time for a change not only in the governing party, but also in the opposition, it is time for a change in the way we approach our problems and the way we spend taxpayer’s money.

It is time to dream of an Alberta that is not only rich in money, but rich in ideas and rich in solutions. It is time to dream beyond what is today and work for what could be tomorrow.

Glenn Taylor
Leader, Alberta Party


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