March is Fraud Prevention Month

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Fraud schemes cost Canadians over $62 million in 2011

Fraud Prevention Month

Recognize it, Report it

March is Fraud Prevention Month across Canada.  According to the Canadian anti-Fraud Centre, Canadians reported over 47,000 complaints and lost over $62 million in identity theft and mass marketing schemes in 2011.

The focus of Fraud Prevention Month is Recognize it, Report it.  Throughout the month of March, RCMP along with its partners in Fraud Prevention Month will be involved in a series of awareness events.  This year the focus of the public education events will be on online/mass marketing fraud; counterfeit cards; skimming; investment fraud and identity theft.

Anyone who suspects they have been victimized by fraud is advised to do the following:

1. Report fraud to your local police agency.

2. Notify your credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions.

3. Review financial statements.

4. Change your PIN numbers and passwords on all bank and internet accounts.

5. Notify Canada Post and utility service providers.

6. Contact Federal/Provincial Identification agencies(i.e.SIN,Healthcare,Driver’s License)

7. Report to Canadian Anti-Fraud Center.

8. Keep all communications and reference/file numbers.

9. Review/notify credit bureaus.  or

Constable Amanda Gowin, an RCMP Commercial Crime investigator says that “many victims do not report fraud because they are ashamed or embarrassed. However, reporting fraud or suspected fraud-related activity can help police gather the intelligence and evidence required to investigate specific crimes and to protect others from being victimized.”

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