Calgary Auto Brokers – New way to buy new car in Calgary “just like a mortgage broker”

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Calgary Auto Brokers makes it Easy

Once consumers discover how much easier it is to buy a car through a broker, Justin thinks it won’t be long before the new service catches on in a big way.

We’ve all haggled with a car salesman at some time, perhaps not the most pleasant experience in the world. But a new service from Bottom Line Auto Brokers aims to change all that for anyone looking to buy a new car in Calgary

Owner of this Calgary Auto Brokers, Justin Wong not only saves you the time and hassle of the negotiation, he also guarantees he’ll save you money. And if you’re buying a more expensive auto, say more than $30,000, it could be quite a bit of money.

“We’re like a mortgage broker for a new car,” said Justin. “We know how to package a deal that’s acceptable to dealerships. That’s the key to getting the best price possible.”

The process is really simple for a new car: Once you’ve identified the make and model you want, Justin leaps into action and canvasses the Calgary dealerships for a new car that has everything you want. Then he crafts a deal that gets you the lowest price possible and presents it to the sales manager.

“Every sales manager has a bottom line. Simply low-balling them isn’t enough to make the deal happen,” said Justin.

The more expensive the new car, the better the savings. Justin says he’s saved as much as $5,000 for his clients. For a fee of only $500, that’s a great return on investment!

Margins are smaller for cars less than $20,000, but Justin says he can still save his fee and the client having to endure the shopping and haggling that always accompanies an auto purchase.

Buying a used car is a bit trickier, according to Justin, but there are still significant savings to be had. He scours Calgary’s wholesale market for the best deal and talks to used car lots that may have inventory sitting longer than 90 days that they want to move in a hurry.

“There are deals to be had if you know what you’re looking for and where to look,” he said.

Bottom Line Auto Brokers is the wave of the future.

Justin requires that clients (including Coupon 2.0 buyers) have their financing in place before he negotiates the deal. This is something that he can help set up if you don’t already have financing.

While auto brokers are relatively new to Alberta, they’ve been around for a while in the United States, says Justin. Once consumers discover how much easier it is to buy a car through a broker, Justin thinks it won’t be long before the new service catches on in a big way.

Bottom Line Auto Brokers is the future of new car sales.   You’ll save money, time and the hassle of running from dealership to dealership looking for a deal.

5 easy steps to buy a new car using Calgary auto brokers:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

  • Discuss your desired vehicle and budget
  • Discuss financing options
  • Recommend a few vehicles
  • Discuss potential purchase price and manufacturer rebates
  • Decided on a vehicle to test drive

Step 2: Test Drive

  • Arrange a time and place for your test drive
  • Test drive is “personalized” and can take place at your convinience

Step 3: Negotiations

  • Decide on the vehicle you would like to purchase and the options
  • We locate the exact vehicle
  • We negotiate the best price and terms
  • You relax

Step 4: Administration

  • Arrange all paperwork
  • Set up any protection packages or accessories if necessary

Step 5: Delivery

  • Arrange a time to pick up your new vehicle!



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