Your marketing minute: Be the best Santa you can be

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Donna’s wish for you: Be the spirit of Christmas

Your Marketing Minute columnist Donna Dahl


By Donna Dahl    

Imagine winning a lottery. Imagine having the lifestyle of your dreams. Imagine celebrating the perfect Christmas. Imagine having every one of your Christmas wishes come true. Imagine being the best Santa you can be.



Christmas is a time of year that brings many childhood memories to mind. I still remember a Saturday in December that I came home from having gone to see Santa. I was about 8 years old at the time. Every year at Christmas Santa would arrive on Main Street on the back of a pickup truck and deliver bags of nuts and candy for all the children in the community. My dad would find out what time Santa Claus was coming to town and he would make sure that we were there to see Santa and receive our bag of treats.

That particular Saturday I think Santa may have said one-too many ho-ho-hos. I thought I recognized Santa as being Norman, a man that I knew from my church. It sure sounded like him. After returning home I quietly went in search of my mother to ask her. I didn’t want my brother and sister to overhear my question.

It was then that she explained to me that there was no such thing as Santa Claus. I was devastated. I broke into tears. She told me to keep what I had discovered to myself. She had no idea how deceived I felt.

I would never write another letter to Santa. I now knew that the presents under the tree with gift tags that read “From Santa” were not from Santa at all. My mother had no idea that I had just been given a crushing blow.

I now realize that the child in me probably grieved over the sudden death of Santa. That child had truly believed that there was such a thing as a real Santa Claus. Call me vulnerable, if you wish, but it was such a beautiful story.

I loved the idea that someone out there would care enough about all the children in the world to work for a whole year to make toys and games for each and every one of them and then to hand deliver them personally in a single night.

Wow. Think about the selfless generosity. That’s quite a concept. No wonder it’s worth imitating year after year.

To all the Santas everywhere, hats off to the fine work that you do. If you’re not a Santa, that’s okay. You can pretend to be Santa. I now believe that it is up to each and every one of us to be the best Santa at heart that we can be.

I know I won’t be wearing the costume (most suits would require two of me to fit in one) but I can be the spirit. I can wear the smile and the twinkle in my eye and who knows? Maybe I will even go out and buy myself a Santa Claus hat this year. Hat or not, I will continue to share my love and my talents and my treasures and my time to the best of my ability from my heart to yours.

That is my gift to you.

My wish for you? Be the spirit of Christmas. Just look inside your heart and be the best Santa you can be.

Donna Dahl is an author, marketing strategist and professional speaker/trainer. Her work takes clients from Stuck to Start™ in 90 minutes. Ask her about her Stuck to Start™ by Phone program. She can be reached at Visit her website at Invite her to do a presentation on improving your memory at or take in one of her shows at Donna Dahl was awarded a 2011, 100th Anniversary International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award in Business.



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