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By Tammy Johnston

I’ve been listening to a lot of Brian Tracy lately, especially his Secrets of Self Made Millionaires CD.  One of the parts that really sticks out for me is how he talks about life being a series of problems interrupted by the occasional crisis.

This is not a depressing thing, it is just a fact. Life and business are full of problems. They keep the game interesting. Without challenges we get bored. Without difficulties we become complacent. Without obstacles to overcome we become weak.

Once we come to this realization it makes everything easier. We stop feeling that we are being picked on by the universe. Everyone has problems. Every business is filled with difficulties. The only thing that changes is the nature of the problem. As soon as you get one thing figured out something else is going to pop up to take its place.

Problems are put in our path to make us stronger. Problems teach us to think creatively. Problems help us pull the best from inside ourselves. Problems give us opportunities to learn and to grow. Problems test us to see if we really want what we say we want.

So when the inevitable problems show up in your life and in your business, don’t give up. Take a step back if you need, surround yourself with great people, recommit to your goals, and keep moving forward. Intelligent persistence will get you through to your dreams. Keep going.

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” Napoleon Hill

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