Coors Banquet beer finally available in Canada thanks to its fans

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Coors Banquet beer Facebook page started by 23-year old Albertan responsible for Coors’ decision

Coors Banquet beer

Coors Banquet beer will be available in Canada this week after lobbying efforts from beer drinkers across the country.

If beer really is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, then having Coors Banquet beer finally available in Canada is proof that sometimes prayers are answered.

At least that’s been Cooper Gulbraa’s experience. The 23-year-old Albertan was continually bringing Coors Banquet beer back from Montana for his friends in Irma, Alberta on every trip home while attending school there.

The boys would be waiting anxiously for Gulbraa’s return every few months in anticipation of the smoothest, best-tasting lager in the free world — sometimes called Original Coors or Super Coors. They would crack a cold one as excitedly as children opening presents on Christmas morning and eventually the talk would return to questions surrounding its non-availability here in Canada.

And from that – as is the case with many of the world’s best inspirations – an idea was born.

Coors Banquet beer

The legend of Coors Banquet beer poster is seen in an Edmonton-area liquor store. Photo: Facebook

“Me and a couple buddies were sitting in the shop having a few one night and were saying, ‘it’s a shame we can’t get this stuff up here. Wonder if we started petitioning them if they’d do it,’” Gulbraa recalls. “So we started the Facebook page that night.”

Bring Coors Banquet to Canada attracted a couple hundred likes in the days immediately following its inception. And then, as some ideas cooked up over a few beers go, nothing much happened for a while. Everybody went on with their lives and Gulbraa graduated from school this May – unable to taste his precious Coors Banquet beer anymore. The hope was fading, his faith tested.

Then last Friday, while at work, Gulbraa received word from someone on high through the Facebook page that Coors Banquet beer was coming to Canada. Not a deity or anything spiritual, it’s just that Coors Banquet beer is brewed in Golden, Colorado – elevation 1,700 metres – and Molson Coors wanted Coors Banquet beer fans to be the first to know. Gulbraa could hardly believe it.

“I was quite shocked. I hadn’t seen any of the signs or anything,” he says. “Then I was at the liquor store in Edmonton one night and saw the sign up and ‘holy crap, this is for real!’”

Molson Coors spokeswoman Julie Gathercole says the company had heard the gospel from excited beer drinkers and the Facebook page did play a role in introducing the beer here.

coors banquet beer“The Facebook page was a perfect example of how people have been asking for this product for a long time,” she said. “We’re so happy to see so many brand ambassadors out there for the product before we even got it here. We’re confident it’s going to be a huge success for us.”

In fact, the company ran a test here in Calgary during the Stampede at three bars. They brought in 16,000 cans of Coors Banquet beer and expected it to last 10 days. It was gone in 48 hours.

“It was a huge success from that standpoint and we saw the demand was there. Based on people asking for it we decided to give them what they want,” Gathercole said, adding that Molson Coors donated a dollar for every can sold to the Red Cross to assist with Alberta flood clean-up efforts.

Gathercole says the company will be rolling out the beer later this week which means it could be on some Alberta liquor store shelves as early as this weekend. The beer will be available across the country, except in Quebec. And the company plans to keep it a permanent addition to their beer catalogue. It will be brewed in Golden, Colorado and will be available in 12 packs of cans.

Gulbraa said he first fell in love with Coors Banquet beer because of its delicious flavour. It is not to be confused with Coors Light in any way.

“It is far more clean and crisp,” Gulbraa says. “And it isn’t a light beer. It is easily the most refreshing, best-tasting beer I’ve ever had.”

The Facebook page has grown in the last two weeks as more excited beer drinkers anticipate the beer’s arrival.

“I never, ever expected it would amount to anything when I was sitting there one night and we were a few deep and thought, ‘oh yeah let’s put a Facebook page up,’” Gulbraa says. “So, it’s quite a shock and the other guys who were there that night are absolutely pumped about it.”

Too bad it won’t be as cheap here as it is in the United States, after ungodly Canadian taxes and duties.

“Yeah that’s for sure. But it’ll still be worth it,” Gulbraa says.

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  1. Richard Chauvette says:

    The best decision Molson has ever none.This is the best beer in the world.Worst decision was firing Marty Volcan who was and Edmonton and area rep.The most popular rep in town by a country mile.

  2. KEN ORYNIAK says:

    Why not brew have Molson brew it in Canada much like Labatt brews Budweiser and has for years!!!. That would bring down the price. Molson and Coors are the same company. Don’t give me any excuses about concerns with quality control as Anheuser-Busch (Bud boys)audited Labatt’s QC for Bud for years before they were taken over by InBev and made into Anheuser-Busch InBev!!!

  3. Brent says:

    This beer is garbage. I’m drinking it right now. Tastes like creamed corn. Best beer in the free world? What a joke. This isn’t even the best beer in Colorado. Not even close.

  4. Gilles Trempe says:

    I love coors banquet when i go to ny state i buy a couple of cAses will i be able to some in quebec soon

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