New auto emission standards to cut pollution by 80%

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Tier 3 auto emission standards reduce sulfur in gasoline

auto emission standards

The government of Canada has proposed the upgrading of emission regulations covering cars and light trucks to Tier 3 standards in line with the US. Photo:

Canada will soon be adopting American auto emission standards for cars and light trucks, according to federal environment minister Peter Kent.

The new standards are expected to lead to reductions in ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and mobile source air toxics, and impose new restrictions on the sulfur content of gasoline.

“This new initiative is proof of our government’s commitment to cleaner air, today and for generations to come. Once fully phased-in, these standards are expected to reduce smog-forming air pollutants from new vehicles by approximately 80 per cent compared to the current Tier 2 standards,” said Kent.

Stakeholders including automotive manufacturers and fuel suppliers will be involved in consultations during the development of the new regulations.

New auto emission standards supported by car makers

Canadian auto manufacturers, all subsidiaries of foreign companies, say they fully support the new auto emission standards.

Mark Nantais, president of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association says the more stringent Tier 3 auto emission standards will ensure that a greater choice of vehicles are available at more affordable prices for consumers.

“The combination of harmonized Tier 3 emission requirements for vehicles and lower sulphur content in gasoline will ensure Canadians, like their United States counterparts, receive the same air quality benefits and greater assurance of properly operating advanced emission control technologies on 2017 and later model year vehicles,” he said.

Harmonized standards with the EPA also ensure advanced vehicle technologies can be offered to Canadian customers at more affordable prices by leveraging North American economies of scale, according to Natais. The Tier 3 standards are being introduced at the same time as vehicle greenhouse gas emissions standards  over the period of 2017- 2025, which will also be harmonized with the U.S.

“These are very stringent requirements, and manufacturers are committed to doing their part,” added Nantais.

The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association claims that as a result of the continuous improvements made to vehicle emissions since 1985, light duty vehicles today account for just 9 per cent of the total emissions across all sectors in Canada, according to the latest Environment Canada emissions inventory

Will stricter auto emission standards boost hybrid sales?

Giant automaker Toyota sees the new auto emission standards as a boost to its popular hybrid vehicles.

“We are proud to say that the launch of hybrid vehicle production at our plant in Cambridge, Ontario, next year will make Toyota the first manufacturer to build highly efficient gasoline, hybrid and electric vehicles in Canada,” said Seiji Ichii, CEO of Toyota Canada Inc.

“The Global Automakers of Canada fully support the Government of Canada’s commitment to proceed with Tier 3 emission standards that are aligned with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Tier 3 program,” said David Adams, president of Global Automakers of Canada “Through the reduction of sulphur in gasoline from 30 parts per million (ppm) to 10 ppm with a low sulphur cap, the government is reinforcing that a system approach to vehicles and fuels is necessary to maximize emissions reductions for the benefit of Canadians, and will enable automakers to introduce new advanced technologies required to achieve the stringent greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency standards in place now and proposed through to 2025.”

“We are pleased to see a continuing commitment by the federal government to align Canada’s fuel sulphur content regulations with United States requirements,” added Peter Boag, president of the Canadian Fuels Association.

The proposed adoption of Tier 3 standards follows the new Canadian Ambient Air Quality Standards implemented back in May which covers particulate matter and ground-level ozone.

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