University of Calgary electric motorbike team prepares for competition

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Electric motorbike team set to tear up the tracks this summer

electric motorbike

Team Zeus displays their electric motorbike. Photo: Team Zeus Facebook page.

Student teams from the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering are preparing to head off to events in the United States and kick off the summer competition season.

Team Zeus will take part in the North American TTXGP, an international zero-emissions motorcycle competition near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Team Zeus will race its electric motorbike in September.

Team Zeus is just two years old and the team will be competing for the first time in the event.

“This is a high-performance, zero-emissions electric motorcycle racing league,” said Siegfried Baumann, VP of manufacturing with Team Zeus.

“It’s exciting to be taking part because the top bikes are already getting close to the performance levels of gasoline bikes and the technology is advancing rapidly.”

The bike is described as whisper-quiet, getting its power from a series of rechargeable batteries.

Team Zeus will be the first team from a Canadian university to race in the North American TTXGP.

Schulich Racing team gears up for Formula SAE Competition

Schulich Racing will represent the University of Calgary in Lincoln, Nebraska from June 19 to 22 at the Formula SAE Competition.

The Formula SAE race car is intended for an amateur racer.

It must be light and nimble, while being able to accelerate and round corners quickly.

Schulich Racing improved its racecar design with the goal of producing the most competitive car the team has ever entered in competition.

The latest model has more predictable handling because of redesigned suspension geometry.

The team also improved the manufacturability of several areas of the chassis to increase accuracy while reducing weight, redesigned the shifting system to incorporate a fully programmable control circuit to provide an advantage in shift times and refined the pedalbox to allow greater adjustability so the car can accommodate different drivers.

The team also reduced the complexity and increased the stability of the wiring system by using industry-standard manufacturing methods.

At last year’s Formula SAE Competition, Schulich Racing finished in the middle of the pack among 80 teams. This year, the team believes its improvements will give it the competitive edge required to make it into the top 20.

“A project like building a Formula SAE racecar means students can apply knowledge from the classroom to real-world engineering challenges,” said Shaun Sidhu, team leader of Schulich Racing.

“Nowhere else in one’s educational or work career does someone learn and progress as he or she does as a member of one of these teams.”

The objective the team is to design and build a vehicle that could be presented to a major company for mass manufacture.

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