Canada ‘cleaner and greener’ in recent years, says Frontier Centre

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Frontier Centre report says Canada’s environment has become healthier

Frontier Centre for Public Policy's Environmental State of Canada: 2013 Update shows vast improvement in Canada's natural environment over the years.

A new report from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy suggests  Canada’s environment has become “cleaner and greener” over the years.

Canada’s environment has become measurably cleaner and greener over the years, according to a new report from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

The report relied primarily on data collected by Environment Canada and other federal government agencies.

Report authors Ben Eisen and Romy Yourex examined several different dimensions of Canada’s environmental performance, including trends surrounding air pollution levels, water quality and soil health.

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Most of the indicators examined suggest that Canada’s natural environment has become substantially healthier in recent years, according to the report authors.

In recent decades, ambient levels of several different types of harmful air pollutants have fallen significantly in Canada’s urban centres, according to the report.

According to the internationally respected Environmental Performance Index (EPI), Canada is a world leader in this area.

One recent analysis showed that Canada’s freshwater is less polluted than the water in many of its peer countries.

In this analysis, only Sweden was shown to have higher freshwater quality than Canada.

Data from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada shows that Canada’s agricultural soils are healthier and much better protected from erosion than was the case 30 years ago.

The share of Canada’s forest that has been certified as being sustainably managed by internationally recognized third parties has grown steadily over recent decades to the point that Canada has more certified sustainable forestland than any other country

Greenhouse gas emissions GHG emissions per unit of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fell by more than 27 per cent between 1990 and 2010. This statistic means that substantially more goods were produced and more economic activity occurred per unit of GHG emitted in 2010 compared with 1990.

The authors conclude that despite the positive results, there is room for further improvement in several areas, and that specific regions of the country continue to face significant environmental challenges.




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  1. And yet, perhaps a long way to go yet. Canada, like many resource-wealthy countries, still fares poorly in comparison to many countries on long-term environmental sustainability, according to the new Social Progress Index:

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