BC Soccer eliminates standings for U12 and under

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BC Soccer axes use of standings for U12 and under in accordance with CSA

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BC Soccer director of soccer development Michael Findlay. Photo: teambc.org.

In accordance with the Canadian Soccer Association’s (CSA) Wellness to World Cup Long Term Player Development (LTPD) program model, BC Soccer says that there will be no recording or posting of standings for U12 and under.

No league standings will be recorded within the first three stages of development: Active Start, FUNdamentals and Learning to Train.

These three stages take place from ages four to 12.

“Across the country, this has been a topic of debate and we at BC Soccer wanted our membership to know our stance on this; the matches themselves will still drive competition for these players but we need to distance ourselves from the ‘win at all costs’ mentality,” said BC Soccer LTPD Liaison Luca Dalla Pace in a release. “This is a positive change that we made for the appropriate development our players within these important stages of development.”

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BC Soccer is proud to be one of the provinces leading the way in Canada in regards to implementation of LTPD, says Dalla Pace.

Other changes in accordance with the LTPD will be the elimination of the Provincial Cup at U12 and the inception of club-specific player development manuals.

BC was the first province to comply with small-sided and mini-soccer game formats. It were also the first province to hire a specific staff member responsible for LTPD.

“It is encouraging to see the continued support of a majority of our membership as it relates to this responsible development based policy,” said BC Soccer director of soccer development Michael Findlay.

“There are still a few that find change difficult, the pros of this definitely outweigh the cons and over time we will continue to see the benefits of the removal of the standings at these critical stages of development.”


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