140 suites sold in 3 months for downtown Calgary condo project

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$40 Million sold as Calgary condo project starts construction

downtown calgary condo

Construction has started on MARK on Tenth, a downtown Calgary condo project. Photo illustration provided by Qualex Landmark.

Qualex Landmark announced it has sold 140 suites in less than three months for downtown Calgary condo project MARK on Tenth.

Last week the City of Calgary gave the go-ahead for the developer to begin construction on the 35-storey, $100-million downtown Calgary condo.

“We sold about 30 more suites than we thought we would at this point,” said Parham Mahboubi, marketing VP.

Calgarians are clearly flocking to high density buildings, but is this the right way to develop Calgary’s downtown core?

Some Calgarians hesitant about condos

“Calgary needs to increase population density,” said Beacon reader Dave Noelle.

“But if we are not wise about the way this progress is made it will have the reverse effect and just drive people, especially families, to the surrounding communities.

Noelle says condo culture in Calgary does not encourage families.

“They often ban children!” said Noelle.

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“So even if a young couple or person does move into a condo downtown the reality is if they have a family in a decade or less they will have to move somewhere suitable.”

“The Beltline is a good example of how the city wants to increase density but developers lack imagination to achieve those goals,” said Beacon reader Curtis Joynt of Calgary, Alta.

“All developers seem to comprehend is the two storey retail pedestal topped by a residential tower. Paris, for example, achieves the same density goals set for the Beltline but in a much more human scale. Buildings there are typically six or seven stories but the feel walking around the city is one of a human scale rather than scrawny towers that play havoc with our almost constant winds. We need more variety in building types and forms.”

Others say condo development downtown is needed

Beacon reader Scott Henderson of Calgary said he loves living downtown and welcomes further development.

“Yes there are pros and cons to increased inner city density, but it doesn’t come close to the disdain I have for urban sprawl – driving forever to see friends, seeing wasteful infrastructure spending, pollution from driving, and seeing more and more farmland and natural habitat destroyed.”

Henderson said the city needs to move away from a “growth” economy.

“We have no choice to live sustainably. When governments talk about growth, they are addicted to greater tax increases and they are pressured by corporations who want more profit, including housing developers on a municipal level. Growth does not equal quality of life. Our local ecology including water, is stressed.

“Sustainable living is the key, including less population growth and a curb on urban sprawl is what is needed. Otherwise taxes will continue to increase, our environment and quality of life will be downgraded.”

Constructions will be completed in the fall of 2015.


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    Have fun living beside the bottle depot which is known to be the highest grossing bottle depot in Western Canada…

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