Northern Gateway Pipeline protest outside Vancouver Enbridge hearings

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Water-drop-themed Enbridge demonstration raised environmental concerns

By Ross Armour

enbridge hearings

Protestors gather outside the Enbridge Hearings on the Northern Gateway Pipeline project Friday afternoon.  Photo by Ross Armour.

A demonstration opposing the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline took place this Friday outside of the Sheraton Wall Centre in Downtown Vancouver.

The event had a blue water drop theme as participants wore and carried the blue pieces of drop-shaped cardboard to show opposition to the potential environmental hazards associated with destruction of land and water.

“I’m here to represent my desire to keep the coast clean and preserve it for everyone’s sake including all the wildlife and all of the other natural elements around us,” said participant Deighen Allen Greene.

The demonstration was organized by Zac Embree and AJ Klein, both of the local Blue Drop Movement that the water drop symbol is a part of.

The Blue Drop Movement opposes what it calls “unsustainable development projects.”

“(The Enbridge Pipeline) in its development is going to affect numerous elements in terms of land but the potential of the spill, that is imminent as soon as it launches, is catastrophic for all marine life, all of the surrounding communities as well as the Great Bear Rainforest,” said Greene.


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The blue water drops, also known as the “Überdrop”, on display were either made out of felt and pinned to the jackets of participants at poppy size or larger cardboard ones which were held, the average size of which was around that of a human head.

“The Überdrop represents that we are all, in essence, made of water. We are all connected to one another and to all surroundings, so we all have a water connection,” said Greene.

The demonstration took place Friday afternoon outside the Sheraton Wall Centre on Burrard Street with many participants choosing to march on to the Vancouver Art Gallery halfway through.

Vancouver Police officers were present but no arrests were reported.

“I try to make it to all the events I can to be engaged in what’s going on and to support in protecting our land,” said fellow participant Aaron Ross.

“The huge negative with the pipeline is that it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Look at the records of pipelines and tankers— there will be oil spills that will destroy the coast,” he said.

Ross said the demonstration was “very symbolic” and went on to say that “there has to be a last stand on what we choose to not allow within our culture.”

“The pipeline is a rallying point for people to mobilize and say that this is where we draw the line. If there’s an oil spill, that oil in the water will destroy the animals that live there and the plants, as well as the people that live on the coast.

“I love the water drop concept, it says that oil and water don’t mix. The people today are water, that’s the elemental forest and that’s what we’re standing up for,” said Ross.



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