Titanium Corporation secures patent for its new technology

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Technology patent to help in preserving Alberta’s environment

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The new technology announced by Titanium Corporation will reduce emissions, green house gases and nitrous oxides in oil sands froth treatment tailings.  Photo courtesy eoearth.org

Titanium Corporation announced today that they secured a patent for new innovative technology which recovers hydrocarbon diluents from oil sands tailings.

Titanium has been awarded Canadian Patent 2 712 725 (Moran.et.al) which improves solvent recovery beyond current industry practices, reducing the amount of solvent discharged to tailings ponds and the atmosphere.

Titanium believes that implementation of this new technology will significantly reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions, the green house gases and nitrous oxides from oil sands froth treatment tailings and recover valuable products being lost in tailings ponds.

The water quality in the tailings stream is improved for recycling, there is a reduction of river water usage, and tailings are thickened. The recovery of valuable heavy minerals like Zircon, which is in short supply and whose prices have escalated rapidly, creates a new high demand export industry for Alberta and Canada.

“Achieving this most recent patent is another important milestone in the commercialization of our technology,” said Scott Nelson, Titanium’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“This patent bolsters our unique position in tailings reclamation and resource recovery with the only technology that has successfully treated oil sands froth treatment tailings under extended, advanced testing conditions at CanmetENERGY. Our technologies provide comprehensive, industry wide solutions to the environmental remediation of tailings, while the recovery of minerals, bitumen, solvents and water create new economic opportunities for all stakeholders.”

Over the five year program to develop this latest patented solution, the Company’s Dr. Kevin Moran led a research team which included scientists from the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) in Chicago, one of North America’s leading developers of commercial technologies that provide economic value for the energy industry.

Dr. Moran also collaborated with Dr. D.-Y. Peng of the University of Saskatchewan, noted around the globe for his research in thermodynamics.

Stakeholders are actively supporting the Company’s programs and grant funding has been provided by the Alberta Government, the Canadian Government’s Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and the National Research Council.

Titanium Corporation has developed the technology to recover heavy minerals and bitumen contained in the waste tailings streams from oil sands mining operations near Fort McMurray, Alberta.

The potential benefits from this “Creating Value from Waste” proposition are twofold. First, the recovered bitumen and minerals will have intrinsic value and will provide shareholders with a source of revenue. Second, by using an integrated approach to recover minerals and bitumen, there is a potential for industry-wide environmental benefit.

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