STARS lottery winners announced

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Are you one of the lucky ones?

STARS lottery winners

STARS lottery winners announced April 12

Today was the big day for the STARS Air Ambulance Lottery draw.

One of the winners of a home bought tickets to show support after her husband needed STARS and another house winner is a former firefighter who knows the value of STARS Air Ambulance.  Congratulations to all the winners and to the STARS lottery, which again, thanks to Albertans had a sell out lottery.

The top prize winners are:

James Kotyk of Calgary wins the Calgary show home, valued at $1.1 million.  Shari Macdonald of Delburne has a new address – she is the winner of the Sylvan Lake show home, worth just over $900,000.  Kenneth and Cynthia Fenwick of Red Deer won the Sherwood Park show home which is worth $856,000 and the final home in the draw now belongs to Arthur Hohn of Stirling.  He can call the Lethbridge show home, valued at $770,000 home.

The final big prize went to Gary Rands of Cherry Grove.  He gets to take his new home wherever he wants.  Gary won the home-away-from-home truck and trailer package which was valued at just under $130,000.

Sylvan Lake show home winner Shari Macdonald from Delburne said she was in absolute shock when she heard the news. “My husband was flown by STARS in 1999, which is why I buy the lottery tickets,” said Macdonald.  “I didn’t expect to win.”

Kenneth Fenwick of Red Deer, who is the winner of the Sherwood Park show home said he knows the importance of STARS because he is a retired firefighter. “I think everybody should support STARS. You never know when you’re going to need them,” said Fenwick. “I’m just flabbergasted – I’ve never won anything over $100 in my life – I’m bouncing off the walls!”

This year’s lottery generated over $10 million net for the non-profit charitable organization. “The STARS Lottery continues to be the largest single source of funding for STARS in Alberta,” said Andrea Robertson, STARS president and CEO. “Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and thank you to all Albertans who continue to support STARS.”

Here is a list of other top prize winners:

Calvin Kawa of Calgary wins a 2012 Audi Q5.  Micheline and Denis Hebert of St. Vincent will be driving a 2012 BMW 328i Cabriolet.  Emil and Bev Spengler of Taber are the lucky winners of a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT.  The winner of a 2012 Acura MDX is Winter Hawk of Edmonton.  And finally, Scott Starling of Edmonton cruises home with a new, 2012 Toyota Camry XLE v6.

For general information about the STARS Lottery visit


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  1. hilda ager says:

    Am I a winner of any prize?

  2. F. Keane says:

    Unable to locate winners list of prizes.
    Am I a winner?

  3. Leanne says:

    Where are the other winners posted??

  4. Leanne says:

    Where are the other 850 prize winners? That’s what I meant, lol.

  5. B Bowman says:

    Where are all the other winners of prizes listed?????
    Cannot find anything except the winners of homes and the Audi.


  6. ingrid duft says:

    Could I please have a link of the results of the final draw april 12/12 Thanks

  7. Sandra Mckay says:

    Did I win anything

  8. Rick says:

    did i win,i dont know were to look

  9. anne day` says:

    Am I a winner?

  10. Marilyn says:

    When will you be posting the other winners?

    • Lyle Birnie says:

      Just looking for the winners list.Stars is a amazing service I have landed them many times on the hiways.

  11. Ken Wright says:

    Hello Stars was just wondering where the other winners are posted.I was looking every where and cannot find them,can you please help use out.Even if we are not a winner,im glad that the money goes to a fantastic organization,and thank you all for the great work you guys are doing.We will buy again next year and again thank you for the great service.

  12. Dianne says:

    Yes where are the rest of the winners posted?

  13. mark keegan says:

    i would like to just see the list for myself.. and i can still hope to see my name show up .. or just wait one more year.. and try again.. thanks again.. mark

  14. robert.malpby says:

    Am I winner

  15. april-16 would like to know if we won. can/t find on website..

  16. Kay Beaubien says:

    Please let me know if we have won any prizes, or where can I find list of winners. Thank you.

  17. Jean L says:

    where are the rest of the winners posted? Thanks

  18. Mildred Strautman says:

    I thought I got a list of all winners and found my name on it but it was the prize I won last year, and it was not my ticket no, for this year, Why are last years still posted and not this years?

  19. Eleanor Wolff says:

    Can not find anything on winning prizes on your site except for the homes. Would like to know if I won anything little.

  20. Would like to know if we are a winner with all the other prizes? Where do we look??

  21. Barry & Katherine Mann says:

    Did we win any prize???

  22. Arnold Herbstreit says:

    am i a winner

  23. EmB says:

    So, us non special winners??? Or non winners? Never saw a lottery where the winners weren’t posted after the draw.

  24. Shelley says:

    The list comes out 10 days after the draw, copied and pasted from the rules of the draw. Hope that helps!!!!

    10.All winners will be notified in writing by Stride Management Corp. and in some cases by telephone by STARS representatives of what they have won and how to claim the prize. The Loyalty, Early Bird and Top 10 final draw winners’ names will be published in major newspapers in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and Lethbridge after all draws have been completed and a complete searchable listing will be posted on within 10 days following each draw

  25. Did I win any thing?

  26. Steve and Monnie Barker says:

    It’s now 5 days after the draw,and I still don’t know if I won anything.Could you let us know?

  27. Edda Lee says:

    Am I a winner?

  28. Seeta Ramlochan says:

    Am I a winner? I have been supporting this lottery ever since it started and I have never even won one of the little prizes far more the big one. I am starting to think that it is a rigged. Let me know what you think?

  29. Seeta Ramlochan says:

    Whats with all the secret and cannot access the list of winners. I thought this was a public lottery. You guys needs to be investigated. I am not sure I want to support this lottery again. You are acting and sounding like a third world currupted country.

  30. Markham Hislop says:

    Dear commenters;

    You are posting on Beacon News, an online daily newspaper. We have no affiliation with STARS Lottery, we simply ran news stories on the winners. You can find out if you are a winner by visiting the STARS Lottery web site listed in the web site in the story above.

    Markham Hislop
    Beacon News

  31. Kilby Robert says:

    Please advise if I have won any of the smaller prizes – cant seem to find it listed on yoru website.
    Thank You.

  32. Kim Kotyk Theresa Schofield says:

    Hey did we win anything? Where is the winners list?

  33. Garry wright says:

    I never received my tickets and your phone # dosent work from out of Canada. My # is 1928 726 9849. We are on holidays.

  34. Wilfred Weitz says:

    Where do I find the winners list

  35. Daniel verville says:


  36. Shirley McLeod says:

    Where is the total list of winners from Manitoba for 2013?

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