Burnaby B.C., credit card factory raided

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Burnaby RCMP bust “large scale identity theft operation”

credit card factory

Items seized in credit card factory

On March 7, 2012, the Burnaby RCMP Economic Crime Section and E-Division Commercial Crime Section raided an alleged illegal credit card factory.  A man and his common-law wife were also arrested.  

Upon searching the home, police allegedly  found data storage devices, a printer/scanner, several large boxes of stolen mail, hotel receipts, passports, payment and identity documents.  Officers also allegedly found a card printer, an embosser, a foil stamp, and foil and other supplies used to make fraudulent documents.  Police also allegedly discovered a Canada Post bag and jacket, break and enter tools and small amounts of ecstasy and marijuana.  All of these items were seized by police.

During the raid, police allegedly found a taser, three air rifles and 2 pellet hand guns.  The air rifles and pellet guns were realistic looking firearm replicas and could have easily been mistaken for more lethal weapons.  Corporal Skolrood of the Burnaby RCMP says “these types of weapons are often used in robberies or other crimes involving threats or intimidation”.

19 charges have been sworn against Anthony Pavo Stulec, 29, of Burnaby and 21-year old Stephanie Jean Smyth, also of Burnaby.  Charges against the couple include possession of a prohibited weapon, possession of instruments used to commit forgery, making of identity documents,possession of stolen mail, possession of stolen property (hotel receipts), fraudulent use of credit card data and trafficking in forged/altered credit cards.

Anthony Stulec remains in custody while Smyth has been released on bail.

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