David Suzuki shines positive light on Edmonton in “The Suzuki Diaries”

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Edmonton Waste Management Centre is a world leader in recycling and composting

David Suzuki

The Suzuki Diaries (photo courtesy CBC)

David Suzuki says“Eighty percent of us now live in an urban setting, and I think that the solution to our environmental problems is not to say ‘we’ve got break down cities and get everybody back to the land’ – that would be disastrous – but we have to make cities our major habitat…we have to make them more in balance, I think, with the rest of the things that keep us alive.”  

In the next instalment of the Suzuki Diaries called “Future City”, David Suzuki and his daughter Sarika travel across Canada to discover how Canadian cities are becoming more environmentally sound.  The pair stop in Edmonton and discover what the City of Champions is internationally and environmentally famous for in 2012.

The cross country eco-journey starts in Montreal where father and daughter discover small and large companies figuring out ways to revolutionize the production and distribution of food in urban settings.

The two then make a couple stops in Ontario and then begin their way west to Edmonton, one of Canada’s fastest growing urban regions.

While in Edmonton, the Suzukis highlight the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, which is known as one of the most innovative waste management facilities in the world.  Soon, the facility will be taking the extraordinary step of turning waste into biofuel.  The two also discover that the citizens of Edmonton along with City Council and City staff are all dedicated to being innovative, worldwide leaders in waste management.

The Suzuki Diaries: Future City will air on CBC Television on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 8pm.


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