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The Beacon’s focus is community and local news, news that slips under the radar of the other media. We look for fresh, original stories no other media is covering. Minor sport, local politics, community stories – news the way it used to be.

Because the Beacon is an online newspaper, many of the stories and advertisements are multimedia, incorporating video, photos, text, and more. If you’re a reader, the Beacon brings you stories that are more interesting and often far more insightful. If you’re an advertiser, the Beacon tells your story like no one else. Every other media is restricted by page size or time, but not the Beacon.

Markham Hislop, Publisher/Editor of the Beacon

Markham began his journalism career writing columns in the mid-1980s for Western People Magazine, then reported for a small Saskatchewan daily. He has spent most of his career in media and communications, likes to dabble in politics, was actively involved in economic development for many years, thinks that what goes on in the community is just as important as what happens provincially and nationally, and has a soft spot for small business (big business, not so much). Markham is a bit of a contrarian and usually has a unique take on the events of the day.

Jack Zenert, Sales / Business Editor

Jack has a diverse background in sales, education and publishing.  Jack may be what you call a ‘Jack of all Trades’ and a master of many. Jack has the unique ability to get to the very heart of the issue, whether it is in a sales situation, reporting a story, or dealing with our valued clients.  Jack comes from hearty Saskatchewan dirt farmin’ roots, is a U of Saskatchewan Ag grad and has an MBA from University of Fredericton.

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